About me

Making the first step is always the hardest…so now that I have started hopefully my blog will provide an  outlet for me and perhaps some  useful  and entertaining content for you

For over ten years I have chronic pain. Hopefully in time I can share  some of the things that have helped me to live with  and manage chronic pain and also  provide some useful links.  Be patient with me…………

Thankfully I am interested in all things creative including,  painting, photography and  writing. When I am at a low ebb working on a painting or photograph is a welcome distraction.  All the images on the site are my own.

my world2

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  1. Hi. I the woman from the CPI course who was talking to you about art therapy yesterday. Your art work is just beautiful and the picture above in particular. I thought i had joined your post and commented earlier but something must have gone wrong

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